Santina M.
Great office staff. So friendly! Dr. Chandrasekaran is knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. Would highly recommend.*

Elmira H.
The best in weight loss period!!!!!*

Tiffany F.
Always attentive *

Keeba S.
Great office staff! Dr. Chandrasekaran is knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. Would recommend to anyone looking to get a handle on their health. *

Sharon P.
Dr. Chandra is a phenomenal doctor and very engaged with her patients. She is a good listener and will help come up with a plan of action suitable for your needs. I have always had a great experience with her and the staff, they are awesome *

The office is very detailed with appointments and insurance payments, etc. They are very caring and understanding of the patients needs. Dr. Chandrasekaran is spot on with knowing her patients needs. Highly recommend this office.*

Chi-Chi A.
Very good experience so far. I came here for weight loss. After 2 kids and many years I was not able to lose the weight. Within 2 months at Dr. Chandrasekaran’s office, I have lost 20 pounds and I am on my way to my weight loss goal! The staff are attentive and professional.*

Sean M.
Friendly staff, always make me feel very welcome and comfortable when I come in. Dr. Chandra is very understanding and non-judgemental. My progress is slow but progress nonetheless. *

Stacy P.
Everyone in the office are exceptional, endearing and kind hearted. They are a group who you can talk to and they listen. They really care about each and every person that walks through their door. They treat you like family. Just outstanding!!! *

Champagne L.
Very professional the staff is excellent. Very caring! I do give The doctor and her staff a five star recommendation.*

Sharhonda G.
Dr. Chandrasekaran has been very helpful to me with my weight loss journey and continues to be a great support!*

Desmond C.
I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to my wife and myself. Our experience at this facility was Very professional and best we have ever encountered. We will continue to see her as long as she is available.*

Shannon D.
The staff is always welcoming and kind, greeting you with a smile. They are supportive and helpful, just like Dr. Chandeasekaran.*

Desmond C.
Many thanks for your skills and kindness to my wife and I through my diabetes and our over weight. With your help we tried different medication and and changed diet lifestyle. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks again. “Thank you for the kindness and respect you showed to us. You gently guided us through dietary change. A year down the road, and my wife is healthy and happy. I’m doing good and A1C is down.*

Great doctor *

Sandra D.
Excelente *

Very quick service*

This practice is AWESOME words can not explain how nice, companionate & completely computable in all aspects of weight loss and Cool Sculpting . I look forward to my next appointment because of the stupendous care I will receive Denis O’Hara*

Excellent staff! Did the cool sculpting today and they made it quite simple I can’t wait to see the results*

Dr. Chandrasekaran has helped me lose weight steadily over the last 6 months. I am very happy with my progress. I really appreciate that she takes time to discuss any concerns or questions at length and feel that she is very knowledgeable.*

Dr met my expectations *

Robin P.
Food tasting and experience the cool sculpting process.*

Nishaf A.

Best doctor yet*

Marvina T.
Extremely satisfied *

Dana R.
I have had a very good experience with Dr. Chandrasekaran. The first visit was very thorough and gave me a good place to start with my weight loss. Every visit since then, Dr. Chandrasekaran and her staff have continued to be kind and encouraging in treating me. Dr. Chandrasekaran has also explored other issues that may have had an effect on my weight, such as sleep issues and thyroid problems, so she has been able to address my problems from several angles to help me achieve the best result. She also keeps a close monitor of all the medications you are taking, both ones that you were already taking and ones that she prescribed to you, to make sure that you are doing well and make adjustments if needed. While it is unfortunate that the body composition scale readings are not covered by insurance, they are very helpful to me so that I can see how my weight has changed from visit to visit–even in terms of specific portions of my body. I am very appreciative of the level of care I have received from Dr. Chandrasekaran and her staff, and I will likely be switching over to her as my primary care doctor as well.*

Grace R.
My experience so far has been wonderful! At first I was a little skeptical, because of all the quick fix diet and weightloss plans on the market. However, since I was told that I do not have a breathing problem or a heart condition but a weight problem, I decided I needed to make a change. I made an appt to see Dr Chandra and I feel like I have a new lease on life. Looking good makes one feels good. So far I’ve lost approx 35lbs! I’m still working on lowering my body fat, and should be in the ideal range for Christmas. If one lacks the personal discipline that it takes to lose weight, then I’d say seek help like I did. Not everyone has the willpower to start and stay the course. *

Esta L.
Excellent *

Antoine C.
Doctor and staff are amazing *

Despina Q.
Great doctor and the staff is amazing. If you want results visit this office!*

Denis O.
Dr Chandra and her staff are the best!! They are thoughtful kind and just good people. I have been working within on weight loss for over 6 months and have dropped over 30 lbs. I r Trust her explicitly with her medical advice. I have even done cool sculpting with excellent advice!*

Dawn S.
Still the best!*

Esta L.
They are very professional & always in time *

Edward S.
The staff is extremely nice and very knowledgeable. I am pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend them.*

Monica J.
Dr Chandra is a very intelligent and compassionate physican. She takes time to listen and answer all questions. Her staff is very professional and kind. *

Pratik P.
Professional, Courteous and Prompt Service.*

Nishaf A.
I have multiple sessions CoolSculpting with Dr.Aparna and completed the very first of them. It had been great experience with the Doctor and her staff in the very first meeting and they were very helpful in the procedure. I look forward for the remaining sessions as well.*

Stephanie H.
Me and my husband are both going to the doctor and she is great and helping us both with all weight loss Journey*

Kristen A.
Friendly and knowledgeable. *

Esta L.
Hi everyone was so nice and they were very efficient and it is very clean and very understanding to help you succeed your goal !!!!*

Elizabeth R.
My first visit – very pleasant atmosphere, I was provided excellent services. I didn’t have to wait too long before seeing the doctor.*

Sheila T.
I had a great experience with Dr. Chandra and her staff. She helped me to lose weight before and I am back at her care to lose it again and keep it off. Her and her staff are very courteous and professional. *

Laura B.
I love Dr. Chandra! She is a compassionate doctor who actually listens to and hears you. I have made her my Primary Care doctor. My employer recently changed insurance plans and I still see her even though she is not in my network. She is worth it. Truly one in a million ❤️*

Deanna E.
The staff was very caring and was courteous. The staff and Doctor took time to listen, ask questions and review what options were best for me and my lifestyle. Thank you*

Jessica W.
The staff is so nice and caring! *

Monica J.
The Dr is very patient and thorough. She answered all my questions and spent time explaining about medication and nutrition. Her staff was very kind and helpful.*

Meredith S.
I’ve been off the weight loss wagon for some time due to a messy life. Dr. C was understanding and non judgemental. *

Sandra A.
Went for my first consultation today, the staff is phenomenal! They take their time to discuss everything thoroughly and answer all questions/concerns yet they are conscious of your time. They made sure I left on time to take my son to his college orientation. I’m excited and look forward to returning for my follow up!! *

Courtney S.
Wonderful as always. Dr Chandra is extremely attentive and knowledgeable and her staff is amazing*

Dawn S.
Dr. Chandra and staff are excellent. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else which is why I go there even though they don’t accept my insurance.*

Bonnie K.
Dr. Chandra and her staff are very caring individuals who give their undivided attention to each patient.*

Kimberly R.
Great customer service and timeliness for appointment*

Edith T.
Dr. Chandra is the best.*

Yvonne R.
It was very thorough*

Mitali B.
“I have been going to this Doctor for about 3 years now. have always been very satisfied with the care and attention that Iam receiving.” Very professional & friendly staff.*

I always have a pleasant experience with Dr. Chan and her office staff! This has been the only weight loss plan that has worked for me. Dr. Chan cares about your health and wellness. I highly recommend giving this a try.*

John D.
Set attentive, responsive to all questions and helping me achieve my personal goals*

Duraiyappan L.
Dr. Chandra is an excellent physician who cares for her patients very diligently. She was very patient with all my questions and took the time in explaining why all my medications were prescribed and made very careful changes as needed to make them work for me. I have been seeing this doctor for about a year and half now and I would strongly recommend her for internal medicine and weight loss programs.*

Edith T.
Consistently one of tbe best practices I’ve ever been to. Thank you!*

Robert R.
A great experience from start to finish. The staff were courteous, personable and professional, and Dr. Chandrasekaran (or Dr. Chandra to patients), took care and time to answer my questions, and to make me feel comfortable. The procedure was painless, and the results were gradual and natural . After 2 months , I am delighted with the results, and I feel the money was well spent (read: hours in the gym weekly vs. 3 hr doing the cool sculpting); there is no price tag one can put on the boost to your self esteem after seeing real results. If this is something you are considering, all I can say is that going to Dr. Chandra, interacting with friendly staff, and seeing the results you’ve always wanted at reasonable competitive prices …it’s a win, win, win on all accounts.*

Maria T.
Fabulous treatment. I started disliking the way my neck was looking and decided to try cool sculpting. I was apprehensive at first, but after my treatment, it was a wonderful success. My neck pouch is gone and I just feel so happy with the results. Thank you to Dr Chandrasekaran and her staff for making me feel calm and for their professionalism.*

Anonymous A.
The staff was very professional. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the cool sculpting procedure. I was very relaxed throughout the procedure and didn’t feel like I was having anything done. It felt like a refreshing spa treatment. Great experience! I will certainly be having more treatments in the future. Thank you Jersey Med Weight Loss Staff.*

Krystal T.
Only place that’s been able to help me lose weight….ever! The staff and doctor are very sweet and understanding. Definitely recommend!*

Kris V.
I like coming in to Jersey Med Weight Loss center with Dr. Chandrasekaran. They’re very helpful and accommodating with whatever request I may have. They always get back to me in a timely manner and their service is excellent.*

Audrey P.
This is a wonderful place to help get your life back. Everyone is extremely nice and very helpful.*

Nancy H.
The staff is always professional, kind and puts your medical needs at the forefront of the appointment. Dr. Chandra has help me accomplish what I could never do on my own. I would recommend this office to anyone that needs a good doctor especially if you have issues with your weight.*

Veena K.
Dr Chandra Is Amazing She Always Listens And Cares For Me She Carefully Dignoses My Problems And Gives The Appropriate Medicine Her Staff Is Great Also I Strongly Recomand Her*

Reena M.
My Coolsculpting experience at Jersey med was really cool and painless. The office ambience is awesome.The office staff Shalaka and Denise are very caring and were even kind enough to offer me lunch. I had 8 sessions so far and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Would recommend without any hesitation for anyone looking for Coolsculpting! *

Donna M.
Dr. Chandra is wonderful…attentive and caring. Her staff are all very pleasant and always professional and efficient. Great office always have a good experience there.*

Beata S.
Very nice and kind personnel . Dr answered all the question .I am looking for my fallow up visit :)*

Ann Marie C.
Very attentive physician and staff. I’ve received a lot of support on my weight loss journey.*

Samantha G.
Nice staff and a warm environment*

Anna G.
Dr. Chandra and her staff are very friendly & professional. I highly recommend them for the weight loss program.*

Venkat S.
Results matter, I have lost almost 50 pounds over the past year. Thank you Dr. Chandra. I have tried many options on my own over the years, but losing weight under the care of medical doctor is safe and scientific. Wish I had started sooner and avoided all the diseases & medications I have acquired due to obesity.*

Edna O.
The staff here at Dr. Chandrasekaran’s office are very nice and friendly. I started coming for about a month now and I have seen such amazing results. I lost 14 pounds in 1 month! I highly recommend this place to anyone who is serious about losing weight and becoming healthy. Dr. Chandrasekaran is always very helpful!*

Sharon P.
Since my first visit I have had a great experience. The staff makes you feel welcomed, important and attended to immediately throughout. Dr C has a phenomenal style in how she engages her patients. Her assessment of my needs, challenges and struggles were addressed with encouragement and optimism. Even when I became discouraged and felt Saxenda was not working for me she kept me open to options and tried different methods until finally I began to see results. I have since recommended her to friends and even coworkers who are starting to notice and approach me for more info on what I have been doing to lose the the weight. I have made strides toward goal and with the continued help of CCWL I win*

Patricia M.
Today I had a very good first experience! Very friendly and welcoming place. The Doctor is very professional and thorough! I feel very encouraged.*

Richard D.
This practice has a very kind staff and the doctor is sympathetic and very knowledgeable.*

Aady B.
The nurses and staff are all very kind and helpful. They make you feel comfortable and at ease. Dr.Aparna helps you with any health issues you are facing with a lot of attention and I am very grateful for it. Truly a great clinic for everyone!*

Kim C.
Dr Chandra is very attentive to my needs. She works to tailor the program in a way that is achievable and fits into your life so you can be successful. She celebrates your successes and at the same time works with you when you hit roadblocks. Everyone at the office is also very easy to work with and extremely friendly and professional , from scheduling to billing, etc.*

Hannah K.
Staff is always nice, answers any question I may have, and they never keep you waiting to long.*

Dawn S.
Excellent customer service. Both Doc and Staff extremely courteous and professional.*