We begin by doing a complete body composition analysis (percent body fat, percent lean tissue) as well as other measurements (heart rate, blood pressure, abdominal circumference). Your metabolic rate is also measured, an EKG is done if needed and appropriate labs are ordered after a thorough history and physical examination by Dr. Chandra.

You leave after your initial evaluation with a detailed eating plan, nutrition plan, and a prescription for any additional lab work that may be needed.

Patient Getting Weighed Some patients either need to lose weight quickly (for an upcoming surgery, for example) or have so much weight to lose (extreme obesity, over 100 lb of excess weight) that they might benefit from medication and/or meal replacements. Those cases are discussed individually after evaluation by Dr. Chandra.

As our patients lose weight, they can often cut back or eliminate their blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, and their need for sleep apnea devices. Their blood sugar levels dramatically improve. They develop a confidence that they haven’t felt in years and that spills over into other areas of their lives.

We work with your closely at first and then space out your appointments as you acquire the habits that will set you up for a lifetime of success! One of our main goals is to support you every step of the way. We have day, evening and weekend appointments available. We try to stay in touch with you even between appointments. We are always here for your support.