About Dr. Chandrasekaran

Dr.Aparna Chandrasekaran is a board-Certified Obesity Medicine specialist and Internist with many years of experience and expertise in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine.

She received her medical degree in 1996 from Dr. M. G. R. Medical University in India. She continued her medical education in the US, completing a residency in Internal Medicine in 2004. She started her career in Internal Medicine, providing primary care services in hospitals, nursing homes, and out-patients. She soon developed a particular interest in managing obesity, which she felt was the root cause of many diseases, making her take up obesity medicine as her primary focus. She underwent extensive training in Obesity Medicine, and became board certified in Obesity Medicine. Dr.Chandra established Jersey Medical Weight Loss Center in 2012, where she and her knowledgeable team offer a comprehensive weight loss program for people struggling with weight.

Dr.Chandra has been actively involved in spreading awareness about obesity through her blogs, podcasts, radio shows, and presentations. She received the honor of Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association in 2021 for her work and dedication to obesity medicine. Dr.Chandra is one of the associate editors of the “Obesity Pillars” journal published by Obesity Medicine Association. Her article ” Body Mass Index-Is It Reliable Indicator of Obesity” got published in the Journal of Nutrition & Weight Loss in 2018. She serves as a committee member of the Obesity Medicine Association, and a national level speaker on obesity medicine. Dr.Chandra is also the host of the Youtube channel ” 2 minutes talk on weight loss”. Being a prolific writer, she has had numerous publications in the newspapers, health magazines, etc. She has been a mentor for many physicians across the US and helped them successfully establish their weight loss practice.

Dr.Chandra is certified in aesthetic procedures like Coolscultping, Cooltone, and Kybella injectable to help patients look their best. A long-term resident of Somerset, she enjoys reading, writing, dancing, and traveling.