Here at Jersey Medical Weight Loss, we believe that nutritional counseling plays a vital role in helping our clients live a healthy lifestyle.

We want your experience to be an enjoyable one. Our nutritionists will work with you to form a partnership and listen carefully to understand your personal goals, your lifestyle, and any obstacles you have keeping you from adopting a healthier lifestyle.

We want to get a true sense of how your body responds to food, your energy, and stress levels along with sleep and eating habits. We’ll get to know your medical history and your dietary preferences.

Our nutritionists won’t just tell you how to eat; we will give you the tools and knowledge to reach achievable goals and sustain a healthy lifestyle. We are flexible and will start with small changes that can have the most impact; we want to make changes that make the most sense for your lifestyle and preferences.

Our team operates from a place of understanding, compassion, and support. There is no judgment here. Our mission is to make you ‘Feel better’. We will educate you on your body, your health and wellness and help come up with actionable steps so you can see results.

If you’re ready to take control of your life, get healthy and make better food and wellness choices, call us today at (732) 659-6650. We’re ready to get to know you and help you on his journey.